WELCOME to the new Isla del Rey website

Relive the history of the Western Mediterranean through this tiny island. You’ll discover a unique building from the XVIII century and the remains of a Paleocristian Basilica from the VI century. The Isla del Rey is also a protected natural site with important local flora and fauna.

How to collaborate

  • • As volunteer Sunday morning from 9.00 to 11.00 on the island doing maintenance
  • • Provide financial resources through our account , monthly, quarterly or annual installments
  • (CaixaBank ES20 2100 0347 8402 0031 7895)
    ( Bizum: 05599 )
  • • Provide materials for construction or maintenance work in progress and / or goods or objects for exhibitions.




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Highlights of our news and agenda


From 20th June there will be 4 guided tours daily (except on Sundays when the tour is only at 09,00).

You can make a reservation on the following website:


-Go to Activities

-Choose day and time ( check on language, on Thursdays there will be an English guide)

Foundation Hospital Isla del Rey