Day 5: visit Naval Base

Day 6: Military EasterDay 10 February: general cleaning Lángara

Day 23 February: Cultural visit Faro de Favaritx

Day 28 February: Meeting with Joan Alemany. Interpretation CenterMarch 14th: view of students 4th ESO Colegio Cormar

March 16: Visit to the quarry of Robadonas

April 5: Celebration Special Plan

May 3rd: congress veterinarians (Ramón Garcia)

Days 2 to 7 of May: Trip to HannoverMay 11th: allergists congress

May 25th: Hospital Pharmacy Congress

June 2: concert of ancient music (Gaudiem et música)

Days 6 to 9 of June: Assembly AMMM in Murter – Croatia

July 20: Closing Film Festival

Day 8 August: XI Forum Menorca- Illa del Rei